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3 Ways to Make Fibre Internet Even Faster

3 Ways to Make Fibre Internet Even Faster

In a Wi-Fi world, slow internet speeds are simply not an option. From streaming TV to online gameplay, having too much bandwidth is never a bad thing. But what options do you have if your supposed ‘fast internet’ isn't up to speed?

One simple solution would be installing Wireless Access Points, such as our own PROception Products. They are designed to mitigate the effects of both in-band signal handling interference. They are also extremely resilient to interference and overloading, ensuring a faster internet signal for you. 

 Here are 4 more ways to improve your Fibre connection…  

Experience the Ethernet

Whilst wireless connections are the most common, cabled connections like ethernet will always outperform wireless when it comes to speed and reliability. As the cable sends a signal directly to your device, this connection remains the strongest compared to a wireless signal. 

In order to strengthen your internet signal, consider connecting your TV, gaming console such as a Playstation, Laptop, or Desktop computer via an ethernet cable to see the benefit. 

Bonus tip: Ethernet is automatically safer than Wi-Fi when it comes to data security. If you're looking to keep sensitive information such as banking details private, ethernet is your friend. 


Use a ‘Clear Cache’ Plugin

Web browsers acquire small amounts of information about you while you visit websites and enter information, frequently in the form of cookies. Marketers utilise your information to target you with relevant advertising for products you might be interested in depending on your browsing habits. If you've ever had the same ad follow you around the internet, this is down to cookies. 

Clearing your cache daily removes all of the accumulated data which can affect your internet speed. You can do this manually, but it's faster to use a plugin like “Clear Cache” for Chrome, which allows you to do it in a single click.


Refresh your Connection 

Resetting your router to give it a rest and refresh your internet connection is a common solution when troubleshooting many internet-related issues. If you're having trouble with your internet speed, you might want to try resetting your router every day, or at least monthly. If you have a modem that isn't connected to your router, this will also need to be reset. 

If you want to outsource this task, you can use an outlet timer that plugs into your modem and router and will switch them on and off for you. This enables you to restart the systems every night when you're asleep and feel the benefit of a fresh connection every day. 

If you have any questions about your internet speed, feel free to get in touch today!

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