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New Products

What's new:

Our design team are always working on new products to improve, expand and enhance our product range. New products in many cases are added to development based on customer feedback and requests. If you have any ideas to improve our range or product requirements, please tell us. We will review all ideas on a regular basis.

We have a number of new WiFi and 4G-5G products. suitable for enhancing reception in poor coverage areas for LTE.

We have also expanded our networking range with additional products in the PROception Wi-Fi Access Points, networking cables and patch leads Ethernet Patch Leads.

We have introduced a range of HDMI products, both 4K and UHD to allow home signal distribution, including for SKYQ.

We also have introduced a new range of tools which offers assistance in installing networking, distribution, and installation products.

Our full range of new products are listed here.

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