CappSure Support & Common Queries

Cappsure Support - How to for common Queries

Attention: App change. Please use iThink instead of the CappSure support app.

Green Light is not Flashing?

Unplug the power supply for the camera and plug back in, making sure the USB cable is secure at both ends. Wait 2-3 minutes for the camera to reboot.

LED indicating lamp lit something other than flashing green.

  • Always Yellow: Camera system setting up.
  • Always Blue: Power supply insufficient or the camera is in Offline mode.
  • Always Green: Camera working properly.
    NOTE:- Some camera models do not have multi-coloured LEDs.
  • A static green light means camera is connected.
  • A flashing (1-second intervals) green light means camera is not connected to an account.
  • A rapid flashing LED means the camera is trying to connect.


  • Constant yellow LED: Please allow 1-2 minutes for setup to complete.
  • Constant Blue LED: Make sure the correct original power adaptor is being used. If not, please exchange for the original one included with your camera. Please check the camera is set to Network mode in Camera Settings.
  • Ensure the camera has a good WiFi signal.

Resetting the camera

  1. Remove the memory card from the camera.
  2. Using a paperclip, blunt instrument or other similar tool, briefly press the reset button inside the case next to the memory card slot.
    Make sure you do not confuse this with the small microphone hole as this will damage the microphone.
  3. Hold it for 5 seconds and then release. Please allow 3 minutes for the camera to reset and reboot completely.

Did not hear "Binding Successful"?

  • Ensure the camera is in a good WiFi signal area.
  • Please ensure you are holding your phone close the rear of the camera, (the closer the better).
  • Ensure the phone media volume is set to maximum.
  • Please ensure the ambient noise is as low as possible (ie. no TV sounds or people talking in the background) so the camera can clearly hear the soundwave.

Wireless network does not exist:

If 'Wireless network does not exist' is shown as an error message

  • Check the wireless network name for any unusual characters, other than numbers or letters.
  • Check the wireless network broadcast is not hidden.
  • Ensure the camera and phone are in a good WiFi signal area.
  • Check the selected wireless network frequency is not 5GHz (All Cappsure cameras use the 2.4GHz band only).


  • Change the wireless network name to only use combination letters and numbers, no special characters.
  • Disable the wireless network's hidden broadcast function.
  • Change the wireless network frequency to 2.4GHz.

Wireless network connection failed:

Error message "The Wireless network connection failed"

  • Check the wireless network password is correct.
  • Check the wireless network is using WEP encryption.
  • Ensure the camera is in a good WiFi signal area.
  • Check the wireless network name for any unusual characters other than numbers or letters.
    If one of the above exists, there will be a voice prompt from the camera Wireless network connection failed.


  • Re-enter the wireless network password.
  • Change the wireless network encryption type to WPA or WPA2.

Server connection timed out.

  • Check your camera is powered on and connected to the network (LED is lit but not flashing)
  • Ensure the camera is in a good WiFi signal area.
  • If the situation remains after several hours, you may need to reset the camera and re-install the connection.
  • You must have a good 3G or 4G signal for the camera stream to work. Try to use Wi-Fi. If your phone signal is poor the camera app will not work as expected.

Network abnormal, please check the router:

Verify that the wireless network can connect to the internet.
You must have a good 3G or 4G signal for the camera stream to work. The camera app will not work properly if your phone signal is poor.

Please note:-
If you move the camera from one wifi network to another, the camera will require deleting from your account and resetting.
This will also be the case if you install a new router with different Wi-Fi SSID and/or password settings.

Connecting to a new account.
If you are selling or need to create a new account on a camera, you will need to remove your camera from the existing account.
The camera cannot be connected directly to two accounts (only virtually with the account sharing feature).
To remove the camera.

  1. Start the App.
  2. Click the cog shape on the camera you wish to remove.
  3. Scroll down and select the delete button.
  4. enter your password.
  5. The led should now be flashing on the camera.
  6. Remove the MicroSD memory card, if fitted.
  7. Press the rst (reset) button on the camera and leave to reboot (2 mins)