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Warranty and Guarantee

Watch content or browse using our products with complete peace of mind!


Blake UK will replace any internal installation product at any point during it’s expected lifetime. 
We will provide either an exact replacement, or if this is not possible for any reason a suitable alternative.²
Please return the product along with the original proof of purchase to activate the guarantee.
For ALL other Blake and PROception branded products we offer a 2-year Guarantee. ³

² subject to the following

Applies to internal installation products only
Product must not have been operated in a damp or moisture rich environment
Product must not have been subject to excessive temperature fluctuation
Product must not have been subject to any excessive electrical current or voltage

²+³ subject to the following
Product must be free from any damage other than normal wear and tear
Product must have been fitted in accordance with installation instructions or best practice.
Product must not have been mishandled or subject to any excessive force, such as from being dropped or any excessive impact
Product must have been used for the purpose intended for the particular model or type
Blake UK reserves the right to waive the guarantee if all reasonable care has not been taken to look after, install or maintain the product correctly. The guarantee is not transferable.

³ subject to the following

Products installed externally in harsh environment (e.g. Coastal/Marine or Tropical) must be galvanised version where applicable

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