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Whyte Series D WSCR504 5 Wire 4 Way dSCR M 10046

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Whyte Series D WSCR504

Advanced Cascadable 4 way dSCR Multiswitches enable seamless integration with conventional IRS Systems due to extremely low power consumption, low loss passive trunks and high gain Terrestrial, make the new Series D range from Whyte the most versatile and easy to install dSCR Multiswitch range available. Each subscriber output provides SkyQ, Legacy, TV and Radio. Satellite subscriber signal levels in both Legacy and dSCR mode are automatically set to 85dBV. Terrestrial signal levels are controlled via a manual Gain Control knob and a selectable Protean Tap which permits a wide range of TERR input signal levels from 50 to 108dBV. The reception of 2 satellites can easily be achieved by utilising 2 Wideband LNB's and switching the unit to Wideband LNB mode. The unit can be powered directly via the DC input port or be remotely powered via the trunk lines.


  • Extremely low power consumption eg. WSCR504 (Min/ Max) 0.1A/0.28A
  • Easy integration with conventional IRS systems
  • High Gain TERR with Gain Control and Protean Tap
  • Compatible with Quattro and Wideband LNB's
  • Comes with Earth Bars fitted
  • Switchable 12V DC supply to TERR input
  • Quattro LNB for single satellite 5 Wire system or 2 Wideband LNB's for 2 Sat reception
  • Balanced dSCR and Legacy output signal levels (AGC) for easy system planning
  • Inbuilt LTE filter
  • Uncomplicated DC powering option.


Frequency Range SAT Quattro/Wideband: Quattro 950-2150MHz
Wideband 290-2340MHz
Frequency Range TERR: 87-790MHz
Dual SAT Reception: SAT Wideband (2x WB LNB)
Trunk Inputs/Outputs: 4 SAT + 1 TERR
Tap Outputs: 4
Gain: SAT -5 ~ 25dB(AGC) | TERR +8dB 2dB
Gain Control: SAT AGC | TERR 15dB
Input Levels Min/Max: SAT 62~117dBV | TERR 52~108dBV
Trunk Through Loss: SAT < -4dB | TERR < -4dB
Return Loss Trunk: SAT Input/Output >10dB
TERR Input/Output >8dB
Return Loss Tap Output: >8dB
Max Output Level: SAT 85dBV(AGC) | TERR 107dBV
Protean Tap Attenuation: TERR 0/-10/-20dB
Trunk Isolation: >36dB
Tap Isolation: >43dB
Trunk DC Pass: SAT 2A Max (per trunk) | TERR No
Impedance: 75 Ohms
Compatability (Auto Switching): Legacy | Sky UK dSCR | EN50494 | EN50607
Switching Commands: 13/18V / 22kHz / DiSEqC
dSCR/Legacy Mode Indication (per output): dSCR LED Flash | Legacy LED Solid
Power Supply Voltage: 18V DC
Powering: Via DC Input | Via SAT Trunks
Power Indicator: LED
Power Consumption Min/Max: 0.1A/0.28A
Masthead Supply (Switchable): TERR Input Only 12V DC 100mA
Earth Bars (Tap Outputs): Fitted
Earth Lug: Up to 6mm core
Dimensions Including Earth Bars (mm): 215 x 160 x 43
Weight: 540g


Part Reference: WSCR504





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