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Our website is full of tips, guides, installation, FAQs, YouTube Videos, Buying Wizards, and product technical information, as well as a glossary of terms to explain the references used in detail.

To assist you in locating these from the various pages, here is a summary and instructions on locating the information you need.

Buying Wizards - these are for Aerials and CCTV

A four-step process to ensure you have the correct parts for your installation
  1. Choose your preference from the selection below
  2. Select the blue bundle icon to add your parts to your shopping basket.
  3. Review the basket and amend parts and quantities as you need.
  4. Choose the Next Step Green Icon. Aerial Installation Guide

Aerial Installation Guide and Product Manuals

All products that have a product assembly, installation, or guide are included on the full description page of each product in the download tab section. These are in PDF for ease of access. In addition,, there is a full page listing ALL product manuals here.

The Glossary

This holds explanation of terms and can be accessed by hovering over a word that is highlighted and underlined in light red. To expand the glossary link on the link, it will take you directly to the full description in the list.

YouTube Video Advice and Support

We have many videos designed to assist with any queries directly on YouTube.


FAQ product specific information is included on each of the product full description page in the Support-FAQ tab section. In addition, there are several pages covering the following areas.

  • Product Selection Wizard
  • 4G and 5G LTE Guide
  • Aerial Benchmark Scheme
  • Channel Frequencies
  • Digital Reception Advice
  • Old Analogue Reception Advice
  • RED Compliance
  • Tetra Interference
  • White Space Devices
  • Support

    Product-specific support pages are below.



    An enhanced search feature is located at the top of the all the pages.
    It will search product details and technical pages for the search string you entered.
    If you are already a customer and we already have your part numbers, you can also search using these references.
    If we do not have your part numbers, please let us know, and we'll discuss making this option available to you.
    You can also search by other industry references where those details are available.