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PROBIT20-410 PROBIT20-410
PROBIT20-410 PROBIT20-410
PROBIT20-410 PROBIT20-410
PROBIT20-410 PROBIT20-410

20mm x 410mm SDS Drill Bit (ideal for drilling Masonry or Concrete)

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A 20mm x 410mm SDS Masonry Drill Bit for drilling accurate holes in concrete and masonry with its Tungsten Carbide Alloy Cross tip.

If you're looking to buy a 20mm masonry drill bit, this product is ideal for a professional finish when drilling masonry or concrete, the SDS drill bit includes a special finish that helps minimise stress fractures within the bit.

A great choice if you're looking for quick drilling into hard surfaces, provides a clean finish thanks to the 4 flute helix which removes dust immediately.

This drill bit is also fully compatible with SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drills and SDS Plus Shank Drills.

With a 20mm drill bit size, and full length of 410mm (effective length of 400mm) this SDS drill bit is ideal for a range of masonry uses.

Complete with a Tungsten Carbide Alloy Cross Tip, this 20mm masonry drill bit allows you to easily break through hard surfaces and drill accurately. The Tungsten Carbide tip means longer-lasting life as it resists wear, ultimately proving more cost-efficient.

Product name SDS Max Hammer Drill Bits
Drill Body Material 40 Chrome Steel
Drill Tip Material YG8C Carbide Alloy
Carbide Alloy Tip Cross Tip
Shank SDS Plus
Flute Double flute
Surface treatment Sand Blasted
Hardness Drill body: 45-50(H.R.C) degrees after hot treatment, Carbide Alloy Tip: 88-89.5(H.R.A.) degrees
Tip Welding Automatic and Hand Welding
Application Used by Electric Hammer Drills for drilling concrete, stones, bricks and so on
Package Plastic Tube


Part Reference: PROBIT20-410





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