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LTE Inline Blocking Filter F & IEC Type 'Fly-Lead'-35dB-55dB (up to channel 57) Flexible fitting direct into TV

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IEC or F Type



IEC to F-Type Flylead LTE Blocking Filter 35dB LTE A Block - 55dB LTE C Block (upto ch 57)


  • A convenient low-cost filter for overcoming interference to broadcast reception from LTE (4G) mobile networks.
    Passes all terrestrial broadcast transmissions up to and including TV channel 57.
  • High attenuation in LTE bands, will cure the majority of interference problems, from both base stationsand mobile user equipment.
  • Low insertion loss and good 75O match throughout the pass-band.
  • IEC and F-type connectors with good screening factor, helping prevent leakage around the filter.
  • Male and female connectors allow insertion into existing systems with no need for further cables or back-to-back adapters and ideal for fitting at the back of a TV with low profile.
  • Power-pass: this is a pure low-pass filter and passes AC and DC line-power.
  • Power pass rating 24V and 250mA max.
  • Care must be taken to avoid interference pick-up after the filter.
  • Attention must be paid to the quality of components such as flyleads and outlet plates, etc.

Technical Information:

Product Code


Insertion loss in pass-band Attenuation in stop-band


IEC to F Type

Frequency Value
DC 766 MHz DC ch 57 =4dB

Frequency Value
791 796 MHz LTE downlink block A1 =35dB
796 801 MHz LTE downlink block A2 =45dB
801 811 MHz LTE downlink block B =50dB
811 821 MHz LTE downlink block C =55dB

832 862MHz LTE uplink (all blocks)


  • For the purpose of this specification the LTE downlink band is split into three 10MHz wide blocks designated A, B and C. Block A is further divided into two 5MHz sub-blocks. The LTE e-EUTRAN air-interface specification allows for flexible transmissions of 5, 10 or 20MHz bandwidth. Actual transmitted signal parameters will depend on the licences granted to particular network operators.
  • Usable for channel 58 with increased insertion loss. In TV channel 58 the pass-band insertion loss is increased to typically 7dB.
  • Not suitable for areas where TV channels 59 and 60 are required.
  • The introduction of new mobile telephony and broadband data services in former TV channels 61 to 69 (part of the digital dividend) is likely to cause interference to many existing terrestrial TV reception and distribution systems. This easily-installed low-pass filter can be used to overcome interference problems in many such systems.
  • For two cascaded filters the pass-band insertion loss at 766MHz will be typically 7dB and the stop-band attenuation typically in excess of 76dB. (Figures given as typical values are not guaranteed).
  • In severe cases two filters may be cascaded by screwing them directly together. This will of course increase the insertion loss.
  • For more information on LTE please refer to our FAQ.


Part Reference: PROLTE1-57FLY





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