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Slim Line Single IEC Female Outlet Plate. Shielded & DC Pass (Non Isolated). Fits in 16mm 1 - gang Box.

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Part Reference: PROSLO11C





Slim Line Single IEC Female Outlet Plate, Shielded DC Pass (Non Isolated). Fits in 16mm 1 - gang Box.

Introducing a new outlet plate concept, this fully-screened unit satisfies the need for an outlet which will fit into slimmer mounting boxes than previous designs. The diecast module achieves high screening integrity without the need for an inner spring-fingered cage and will fit into a 16 mm 'plaster-depth' flush mounting box.


  • Fully-screened non-isolated single 'IEC' outlet plate, independently certified to BS EN 50083-2.
  • Fits 16 mm deep flush or surface mounting boxes.
  • Particularly suitable for digital upgrades, allows unscreened outlets to be replaced where complete rewiring is not a practical proposition.
  • A significant reduction in impulsive interference to digital terrestrial TV reception can be obtained when old unscreened and isolated outlets are replaced.


  • Industry-standard 2-level cable stripping dimensions, as used for crimp 'F' connectors?.
  • Accessible screw terminal connection for cable centre conductor; no blind push-fit operations.
  • No fiddly inner screening cage.
  • Supplied with dog-point fixing screws for easy location in the mounting box lugs.

Technical Information:

Product Code
Frequency Range Insertion Loss Return Loss
Connectors Mounting Box Depth


DC - 790MHz

0.5dB 14dB


16 mm min*

* Fitting this product in a 16 mm depth box is possible provided that there are no obstructions, such as box fixing screws in the central area of the box. A mounting box depth of 25 mm or more is preferred for new installations.

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