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StarBOX Home 10+1-Way RF Network Hub loft box

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starBOX Home 10+1-Way RF Network Hub

These hubs combine signals from a variety of sources to feed a 'master' outlet. A UHF return loop signal from the master room equipment is fed back to the hub for distribution to five or ten additional extension rooms, making set-top box outputs available throughout a property. Solo starBOX hubs are particularly suitable for installation during new-build or refurbishment projects in individual homes.


  • Individual filtered inputs for FM and Band III DAB radio, UHF TV and two satellite LNB feeds. Additional auxiliary UHF input allows connection of CCTV or similar local sources.
  • VHF distribution from aerials to master and all extension room outlets. UHF distribution from return input to all extension rooms with return path for remote control of set-top box.
  • Line power for a PROMHD11L preamplifier available at UHF aerial input.
  • Power at all extension room outputs for infrared 'eyes'.
  • Option for 15 and 20-Way StarBOX System.
  • With equipotential bonding point.

Technical Information:

Product Code Aerial Inputs IRS Inputs CCTV Input Separate SAT2 RTN
Combined SAT2 RTN
Extension Outputs Line Power




Find out more about using this product with the new Sky™ boxes.

Introducing the PROception RF Output Replicator Modulator, restoring traditional Sky™ distribution via IO Link">PROLINK22 RF replicator:

New Sky™ set-top boxes such as the DRX595 and DRX890W do not have the familiar aerial input, RF-1 and RF-2 connectors. These RF-loop through facilities have been replaced with the new I/O PORT a small round connector (10- pin mini-DIN) which allows an external RF replicator (modulator) unit to provide similar distribution functions.


Part Reference: PROSTR10S




Frequently Asked Questions

The star box is specifically designed for use with the RF2 return feed from a Sky™ box or IO LInk
The return feed carries not only the Satellite IF signal but also the Freeview™ signal combined.
As per the instructions please ensure that you have a cable from the TV aerial into UHF ANT IN socket on the starBOX. The signal is Diplexed (mixed) by the starBOX and is passed down through the MASTER OUT of the StarBOX to the proOUT35RT diplex plate and into the Sky™ Box Ant In. 
The signal is then mixed with the modulated satellite signal and sent back up into the UHF RETURN socket on the starBOX.
Without this loop of signals, the starBOX will have satellite but no Freeview™ aerial signals.
You can provide a RF signal using a 2 way splitter (PROSPL204P) in reverse (The splitter is used as a combiner) to provide the satellite return feed and the Freeview aerial signal to the UHF return.

If the initial installation of the TV aerial brought the coax into the living and the Sky™ Box does not have a RF2 return output (As in the later HD receivers)
you could use the HDMI and TV aerial coax to plug into a digital modulator (No supplied) and return the mixed signals back up into the starBOX by the usual UHF Return.

This would also provide a better satellite picture that the standard due to been digital, and not analogue.

The CCTV input to a starBOX (PROSTR5S or PROSTR10S) is for a modulated signal only. Most CCTV systems output in either HDMI, composite (yellow) or VGA (15 multi-pin socket. These signals cannot be plugged directly into the starBOX as they require modulation.

1) If you have a HDMI signal then please use the HDMI to Scart adapter PRODVC11 and a PROMOD1 (not supplied) or you can use a Digital Modulator (not supplied) to provide the correct signal.

2) A composite signal (Yellow socket) can be used with just the PROMOD1 into the CCTV IN (UHF

If you are having issues with picture quality while using the CCTV Input via a modulator, please check our Analogue interference page here.
Also check out our 4G/5G interference page here.

If you want to use the distribution facilities without then simply connect a short length of cable (Male F connector both ends) between the MASTER OUT connection and the UHF RETURN on the starBOX. 

This will give all the other facilities of the star box without the satellite feed.

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