Sky I/O Replication

iO-LINK compatibility for multi-room installations

Applicable to the following models:
proAMP12R proAMP104X
proAMP24R proAMP310X
proAMP28R proSAT1EYE
proSTR5S proSTR10S




Older type Sky™ boxes such as the DRX595 and DRX890 series no longer provide a UHF modulated output.

A consequence of this is that they have no powered RF2 connection for distribution to other rooms of a house, just the iO link.
A significant difference between the iO-LINK and RF2 is the available current for powering remote infrared eyes and associated amplifiers.
The iO-LINK will only power one eye , whereas RF2 on the older receivers could power a typical 4-way distribution system (75mA max).

Using PROception products with iO-LINK to build multi-way systems...

Our ProLink22 product plugs into the accessory I/O PORT of the newer HD Sky™ set-top box and provides a modulated PAL output together with the remote control power facilities originally provided by RFOUT-2.
An aerial loop-through facility is also provided. It's easy to use the iO-LINK with the unrivalled PROception range of amplifiers and accessories to build multi-room systems, allowing users to watch and control their Sky™ receiver from every TV room in the house.

For a simple single extension room only a proSAT1EYE infrared eye is required. Larger systems will need a suitable amplifier to distribute the signals and power the eyes.

PROception Alternative to iO-LINK (PROLINK22)

Flexible RF Output Modulator, restoring traditional Sky distribution

Distributing the analogue RF output of a Sky box from the main TV location to other rooms remains a popular solution for aerial installers. The new PROception proLINK22 modulator and remote control unit allows unrivalled flexibility for this application.


  • Replaces the 'missing' RF outputs on newer Sky™ receivers.
  • High-quality UHF modulator with infrared return remote control capability on BOTH of its twin F-type RF outputs.
  • Simple channel setting using Sky™ box menu.
  • Two remote rooms can be wired directly from the proLINK
  • Connect optional power unit (proPSA125 )to power 4-way system using proMHD14R or proAMP104X amplifier. 10-way system also possible using proAMP310X .
  • 2-colour power-status indicator.
  • Wall mountable with extended lead. (500mm)
  • *This requires the use of PROception proSAT1EYE IR eyes and assumes that the local TV is connected by Scart or HDMI and does not require an RF antenna connection. Recommended splitter is proSPL204

    System Components for iO-Link Compatibility with Other Equipment:

    Infrared Eye (PROSAT1EYEMk3) Prosat1eye TV remote eye


  • Installers' favourite.
  • Compatible with iO-LINK.
  • Low current consumption (5mA) eases loading on amplifiers etc.
  • Wide working voltage range.
    Note: feeding only one remote room requires no additional amplifier or PSU.

  • Mains powered amplifiers (PROAMP-R series)

    proamp28R return path amplifier
    Mains powered amplifiers with integral PSU

    Max. ways Amplifier PSU VHF
    2 PROAMP12R - No
    4 PROAMP24R - Yes
    8 PROAMP28R - Yes


  • Traditional return-path amps
  • Compatible with iO-LINK
  • Two, four, six or eight output
  • Note: the 4-, 6- and 8-way amplifiers have a separate VHF input covering bands II (FM) and III (DAB) with dual bandpass filtering. Any VHF feed must be connected to this input, not routed via the iO-LINK.

    Starboxes (PROSTR range)

    starBOX Products mains powered with integral PSU

    Max. Ways starBOX PSU VHF
    5 PROSTR5S - Yes
    10 PROSTR10S - Yes


  • Combines LNB & terrestrial feeds to a master outlet plate
  • UHF return and VHF inputs distributed to 5 or 10 room outputs
  • Compatible with iO-LINK
  • Note:see product literature and instructions for the full capabilities of these products. Connect feed from the iO-LINK to the UHF return input and any VHF feeds to the relevant amplifier inputs.

    New generation 4-way amps

    Flexible line-powered amplifiers (4-way)

    Max. Ways Amplifier PSU VHF

    PROAMP104X - Compact 4-Way amplifier for indoor use only.
    PROMHD14R - Masthead style amplifier. (indoor or outdoor)


  • Versatile dual-mode amplifiers
  • Flexible powering options
  • Compatible with iO-LINK when used with recommended PSU (see table)
  • Note:The PSU can be located anywhere in-line between the iO-LINK and the amplifier. iO-LINK output is connected to OUT on the PSU and IN (+12V) on the PSU goes to the input of the amplifier. Do not attempt to power proAMP104X with local DC power unit, e.g. proPSA125, for this application.

    * PSU must be the Mk2 version. The amplifiers operate in Mode 2 (orange indication for proAMP104X).

    New generation 10-way amp

    Compact 10-way amplifier with flexible powering options

    Max. Ways Amplifier PSU UHF
    10 PROAMP310X




  • Versatile dual-mode amplifier
  • Flexible powering options
  • Compatible with iO-LINK when used with recommended PSU (see table)
  • Power option (1) Local powering with proPSA125
  • Connect iO-LINK output directly to UHF input of amplifier and any VHF feeds to the relevant amplifier inputs.
  • Power option (2) Line powering with proSAT1EYE  .
  • PSU can be located anywhere in-line between the iO-LINK or  proLINK22 and the amplifier. iO-LINK output is connected to IN/OUT on the PSU and AMP (+12V) on the PSU goes to         theUHF input of the amplifier
  • Connect any VHF feeds to the relevant amplifier input. The amplifier operates in Mode 2 and should display the orange indication.
  • Using passive splitters

    A 2-way passive splitter such as the proSPL204 can be used with the iO-LINK to power two PROception eyes without an additional amplifier or power unit. However, this is not a recommended configuration since we cannot guarantee that it will work in all situations. The iO-LINK is designed to power one eye only. All other configurations should include a powered amplifier to ensure reliable operation with iO-LINK or proLINK22.

    Using passive splitters can introduce other problems. A splitter must have DC power-pass capability to power multiple eyes to all its outlets. If one split leg is connected directly to a TV receiver, omitting the eye, it is likely to short out the 9V power to the eyes on the other leg(s), causing confusion and callbacks. This risk is avoided entirely by using a proper IR-capable amplifier designed to handle this situation.

    Sky™ is a registered trade mark of British Sky Broadcasting plc.

    tvLINK™ is a registered trade mark of Global Invacom Ltd.

    Problem-solving installation of IO-Link (PROLINK22 and TV Eyes (PROSAT1EYEMK3)
    If after your installation things are not working as expected:

    1. TV is not displaying picture from Sky™ box and LED on PROSAT1EYE mk3 is NOT lit.
      Please check all of the connections. If the LED is not lit, then this suggests one of the plugs is not correctly fitted and is either shorted or not connected.
    2. TV is not displaying a picture from Sky™ box and LED on PROSAT1EYE mk3 IS lit.
      The TV is not yet tuned to the channel on the Sky box. Please re-tune your TV and ensure you are in analogue mode, not DTT mode.
    3. TV is displaying a picture from the Sky™ box, but the remote does not work, and PROSAT1EYE mk3 LED is not lit.
      a. Ensure that if you have wall plates fitted, they are power pass type (all Blake outlets are power pass)
      b. You may need to switch on the Sky™ mode RF2. This is done using the service menu on the Sky™  Box and in different ways depending on the model.
      Either Press services, 001 select (ignore the menu on the screen until the end), go into the RF options and switch to power on, remember to save the settings.
      or Press Services, then 001, press Select and then 4. Scroll down to RF Outlet Power Supply, press the right arrow to select ON, then the green button to Save.
      c. Check for shorts or breaks on all plugs and cables. (Bear in mind a break will stop voltage passing, but RF will jump the break and allow for a picture!)

      Troubleshooting an installation usually involves taking things back to stage one.
      Take the  PROSAT1EYEMK3 eye and push directly into the RF2 output of the  proLINK22 , in the back of the Sky™ box. If the eye LED lights and the remote work, then the problem is further up in the installation.
      If the eye does not work, then the Sky™ RF2 needs switching on (see #3 above).
      Sometimes, after a short, the Sky™  the box will switch off the RF2 voltage (even though it says it's on!). Simply switch off, save, and switch back on and save.
      Next, take the PROSAT1EYEMK3 and connect to the cable BEFORE it enters the distribution amplifier. If that lights, then the cable is OK at that point.
      Now check the distribution amplifier is Sky™ RF2 compatible; in our PROAMP range,. This is confirmed by the R at the end of our part number (e.g. proamp28R).
      The amplifier must have return path  for this to work.
      Plug the eye into the output of the distribution amplifier. If the lights and the remote work, then this proves the amplifier is on the return path and working as expected.
      If all that has worked, the problem may be in the down-lead from the amplifier to the TV set. Check plugs and if you have a multimeter, check the continuity of the cable.
      Check that the wall plate (if used) are power pass, as this will stop the eye from getting power.
      It is also worth noting at this point, ensure that the TV is NOT outputting 5v as if powering a masthead amplifier, check manufacturers instructions as this can stop the eye from working.
    Prolink22 prosat1eye installation
    iolink installation tveye setup with splitter
    proamp31 proamp114x rf2 installation
    remote power by PROPSU11F
    powered via Sky™ box