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Tile & Slate Clamp Security Interface - can be used to mount CCTV cameras

£10.93 inc vat

Part Reference: TSCGSI



Blake UK

Tile and Slate Clamp Security Interface - can be used to mount CCTV cameras

The tile-and-slate clamp is a non-invasive fastening system with no drilling or lashing required. It can fit to the majority of tile or slate roofs in minutes. Suitable for the installation of aerials, zone-1 satellite dishes and security lighting/CCTV installations.

The global security interface fits to the TSC (tile and slate clamp) and allows a security light or CCTV camera to be mounted on the plate. The arrangement of the various holes allow various camera designs to interface with the product.


  • Ease of use and quick installation.
  • Ideal where no chimney is available, e.g. terraced housing.
  • Supplied boxed complete with all fixings and mast.
  • Installations at roof height without unsightly large brackets or masting.
  • Can be used as a permanent or temporary fixing.
  • The three slide cleats are the key to the clamp. They make for easy and speedy fitting and also incorporate a safety feature on each cleat.
  • Wind tunnel tested.
  • Simple installation with full instruction included.




SHA1 17C3F923A13A690AEA58A11A97B18A39175C0682

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