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Galvanic Isolator F-Type - breaks ground loops between two units sharing a ground conductor-5/2400 MHz

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Part Reference: PROGALISOL11





Galvanic Isolator F-Type - breaks ground loops between two units sharing a ground conductor-5/2400MHz

Galvanic isolation is used where two or more electric circuits must communicate, but their grounds may be at different potentials. It is an effective method of breaking ground loops by preventing unwanted current from flowing between two units sharing a ground conductor. Galvanic isolation is also used for safety, preventing accidental current from reaching ground through a person's body.

The PROGALISOL11 is therefore a product providing a method to isolate system earthing between individual buildings whereby a single headend is being used to supply multiple buildings. Under current regulations galvanic isolation is legally required to be added on each signal cable line link between each building. Full earthing must then be provided for each building within that building strictly on an individual basis. This ensures that there is no dangerous common earth across a system over several buildings. This is an item which is simple and speedy to install.


  • F type connections for input and output.
  • Covers frequency 5 - 2,400MHz.
  • Directional flow indicators.
  • Easy and speedy to install.
  • Surge Protection: 2KVDC, 3s, 1mA.

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