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Bracket Manufacturing

Bespoke and Specialised Mounts

Blake UK can now customise Non Penetrating Roof Mounts (NPRM) to your specific requirements.

You Request the following:

  • Specify Heights up to 5m.
  • Specify Dish Size up to 2m.
  • Specify Mast Diameter up to 5" (127mm).
  • Specify Surface area Requirements.
  • You provide the dish size.

We Provide the calculations:

  • Wind Loading Calculation.
  • Turning Moment Calculation.
  • The design for the base area and height and supports for the framework and mast.
  • Advise the number of trays and how much ballast will be required.

Sample below is a 1.8m dish that requires 16 trays with 3 paving slabs in each grid space.

NPR 16 Tray Design

We then design, fabricate and manufacture the product.

Manufactured within 2-4 weeks depending on specification.

Example of standard specifications: please refer to the standard fitting guide for Non-penetrating roof mounts

The full standard range of NPRMS can be found here.

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