Aerial Wizard - Local Powered Amplifiers

Need help in what to choose for your Aerial installation.

Aerial Buying Wizard - Select the distribution amplifier - Step 3 of 4

Part 3 of a 4 step process to ensure you have the correct parts for your installation. 

  1. Choose your preference for the selection below.
  2. Select the blue bundle Icon to add your parts to the shopping basket.
  3. Review the basket and amend parts and quantities as you need. 
  4. Choose the Next Step Green Icon. 

Distribution Amplifier Choices

1-Way Booster Amplifier (design to increase weak signals).

2-Way Booster Amplifier - split a signal to 2 TVs without signal loss.

4-Way Booster Amplifier - distribute signals to 4 TVs without signal loss.

6-Way Booster Amplifier - distribute signals to 6 TVs without signal loss.

8-Way Booster Amplifier - distribute signals to 8 TVs without signal loss.

10-Way Booster Amplifier - distribute signals to 10 TVs without signal loss.

Next Step - Does the installation need to be coaxial cable?

Yes - Installation requires additional coax and/or accessories

No -please review the cart for the current list of items. Add, review, remove and edit as you choose.
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