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WT51-20 WT51-20

Whyte Series 5 1-Way 20dB Tap

£54.89 inc vat

Part Reference: WT51-20






Whyte Series 5 WT51-20

Whyte Series 5 Taps & Splitters are a range of 5 wire passive devices that distribute SAT and Terrestrial Signals. The range includes 1 way, 2 way and 3 way Taps with either a 10dB or 20dB tap off and a 2 way Splitter. For ease of installation, each Tap comes complete with a set of high quality colour coded 600mm F-type leads which enables the Multiswitches to be positioned either side of the Tap and to be orientated vertically or horizontally depending on available space.


  • Tap outputs on top of unit for easy access
  • Auxiliary 18V Input injects power to HL & HH trunk cables
  • LED power indicator
  • Colour coded inputs and outputs
  • Inbuilt LTE filter
  • Whyte Taps, Splitters and Multiswitches can be used to configure
    Integrated Reception Systems (IRS) to suit your application.


Frequency: SAT: 950-2150MHz
TERR: 87-790MHz
Inputs (F-Type Connector): 4 SAT + 1 TERR
Outputs (F-Type Connector): 2 4 SAT
2 1 TERR
DC Input (Injection of DC applied to): SAT Trunks HL + HH
DC Pass Trunk To Tap: SAT: All
DC Pass Trunk to Trunk: SAT: Yes
Trunk Through Loss: SAT: 2dB1
TERR: 2dB1
Tap Loss: SAT: 20dB
TERR: 20dB
Fixed Slope Tap (SAT): 4dB
Isolation: >30dB
Max Current Pass (Trunk/Trunk Trunk/Tap): 2A
Power Indication: LED
Dimensions (mm): 156 x 136 x 43
Tap Leads: 1 Set Included
Weight: 376g

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