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Stack Strap Feed Assist

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Part Reference: SSBKT-TOOL



Blake UK

Stack Strap Feed Assist Tool

The ultimate chimney fixing system for both aerial and satellite installations. The stack strap is a safer installation, as it can be installed without having to leave the safety of the roof ladder. The are no corner plates required or lashing wire preparation needed so it can be installed in 3-5 minutes; a considerable time saving compared to traditional methods.


  • The stack strap feed assist tool offers ease of use as well as an extra safety precaution.
  • Simply feed the cable throught the tube and put the feed assist tool over the back of the chimney which then applies the strapping around the chimney stack.
  • There is a wrist band for security to prevent dropping the tool.
  • The double ratchet versions, SSBKT09 and SSBKT14, offers the extra support required for larger installations.
  • Strapping (SSDISP50 50m and SSDISP100 100m) is supplied in boxed rolls for convenient storage, and dispensing. Note that the box includes both installation instructions and a brick counter to reduce waste when dispensing.
  • Pre-coiled SSSTRAP5M 5m strapping is available for trial purposes.
  • Corner plates available SSCORNER.
  • Breaking strain of ratchet is 900kg.
  • Bracket designed to fit both 1.75" and 2.5" v bolts (AC2 or AC4) and spanner line.
  • Use with 10-13mm ratchet spanner for ease of install (PROSPAN10-13).
  • Strong PET strapping - breaking load exceeds 6kN.

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