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Self Amalgamated Tape 10m*19mm

£7.19 inc vat

Part Reference: AC38G




Blake UK

Self Amalgamated Electrical Rubber Repair Tape 10m x 19mm


  • A very useful derivative of insulating tape which can be used for waterproofing connections.
  • Our black self amalgamating electrical rubber repair tape is 10m length by 19mm width.
  • This self amalgamating tape is made of Ethylene Propylene rubber for jointing and repair of power and distribution cables.
  • To use, the top protective layer is peeled off and the rubbery self- amalgamating tape underneath is wrapped tightly around the connection to be waterproofed. Eventually, the layers of this tape will merge together and create a waterproof seal.
  • This tape amalgamates rapidly when applied under tension and provides homogeneous wrapping and the inter-liner is easy to remove and the tape itself is non tacky and easy to handle.
  • This tape is highly recommended for automotive work and also aerial installations, particularly those for satellite TV where cables enter the LNB and polariser.

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