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K7-7-5 K7-7-5

Extended Repair Kit-7.5m lashing wire coil, 2 Large V Bolt 2.5"x 3/8", 2 J Bolt 5.5"x 3/8", 3 Steel Corner Plates

£9.98 inc vat

Part Reference: K7-7-5

7.5m Version of Large Repair Kit With 2.5" V Bolts, For Masts Up To 2" Outer Diameter


  • 7-strand 18g galvanised lashing wire.
  • Large galvanised steel corner plates for additional solidity and to prevent the lashing wire damaging the chimney mortar.
  • Extended kits have 7.5m wire length.
  • Heavy duty 'V' and 'J' bolts.
  • Industry standard nuts.
Ferruled or Non-Ferruled





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