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CCTV microphone - video + power in 1! Has an additional power socket to create a loop through, no need to run extra cables.

£6.48 inc vat

Part Reference: PROCCTVMIC




Blake UK

CCTV microphone - video + power in 1!


  • Great for security monitoring.
  • Our CCTV microphone has an additional power socket (to create a loop through for power), so you don't have to run a separate power cable. Simply use the same cable as the camera!
  • It also has a built in AGC (automatic gain control) so you can hear sensitive sounds, such as birds tweeting, while adjusting when louder sounds come into reach to prevent distortion.

Technical Information:

  • Monitoring range : 5~50 square metres.
  • Audio output: RCA female.
  • Sensitivity: 200mA/ubar.
  • Current consumption: 25mA.
  • Work voltage: DC 9-16V.
  • Independence: 600O;.
  • Frequency: 100-10000HZ.

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