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9"x9" Welded Wall Bracket Painted, 3' x 1.25" 18g Straight Alloy Mast, Bolts & Plug Fixing Kit, 10m RG6 Cable

£26.88 inc vat

Part Reference: WALLFIXKIT2



Blake UK

Heavy Duty Wall Fixing Kit (Including cable, mast and bracket)

Select this product for larger aerials installations. Note it includes the part to fit a standard aerial and install to a single TV point.

Kit Contents:

  • 9" welded wall bracket painted.
  • Fixings. (Bolts and V-bolts)
  • Alloy Mast 3'x1.25" 18g (914x32x1.2mm).
  • 10m RG6 Double Screened Cable.
  • Cable Clips.
  • Coax TV Plug.
Painted or Galvanised


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