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4K/1080p Up & Down Scaler - makes devices at different resolution compatible so can use old products with new

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Part Reference: PROUHDSCALER





4K/1080p Up and De-Scaler

The PROUHDSCALER upscales 1080p up to 4K or downscales 4K to 1080p. You can now make different devices at different resolutions compatible with just the click of a button! This high tech piece of equipment makes life easier to install new products with your older devices, saving money, time and the hassle of adapting to new devices with the backwards compatible feature.

This is especially useful when a 4K source such as Sky Q is connected to a splitter. If a TV in the system is capable of only 1080p but all others are capable of 4K, the entire system will display resolutions limited to 1080p only.

Some splitters and matrixes use the resolution of the least capable TV in a network and set the resolution of all outputs to match that TV. Otherwise, a 4K image would be distributed throughout the house and any TV not capable of 4K resolution would show no picture at all.

Alternatively, the device can also be set to convert 1080p up to 4K or to act as a repeater when set to pass-through mode.

All that is needed to do in order to install the PROUHDSCALER is plug in with the power supply included with the device and then press the silver button until you have selected the correct settings.

Technical information:

Frequency Bandwidth (MHz)
594 (18Gbps)
Video Resolution (Hz)
Up to 4K2K@60
Audio Format
Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio and LPCM digital audio streams up to 7.1 channels
ESD Protection (V)
Human body model - +8 (air-gap discharge) and +4 (contact discharge)
1 HDMI Type A
1 DC Power Connector
1 Scaling Button
1 USB Connector
1 HDMI Type A
Power Supply
Input; AC100 - 240V 50-60Hz
Output: DC 5V 1A (US and EU standard, CE, FCC, UL certified)
Power Consumption Max. (W)
Operation Temperature (F/C)
32-104 / 0-40
Storage Temperature (F/C)
-4-140 / 20-60




SHA1 1BAB76D29DE6C0F0921DFE3E52D703949A259708

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