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Important Information:

  • If you are using the CPE as an access point (for a nearby location e.g. garden) you will only need one unit.
  • If you are using the CPE as a point-to-point (i.e. multiple buildings) you will need one sender unit and however many receiver units you require. (Please note there is only one unit, you manually set up which one is the sender and which ones are the receivers when installing.)

Our professional, high speed, outdoor IP rated CPE access point will work in P2P point to point as a repeater, or as an outdoor access point, perhaps in your garden. It is easy to install with QR code and wizard setup or if P2P then two presses of a button to automatically bind. When comparing speeds, remember ours is 900Mbps and upto 80MHz bandwidth. The RJ45 passthrough sockets are Gigabit compatible so won't slow down your network as others would.

Please note: Pressing the 'Add to cart' button will only add one unit. If you require more than one unit either press the 'Add to cart' button for however many you require or review at checkout.

THE BRIDGE Outdoor CPE/AP Single Band 900Mbps, 5GHz,11AC,18dBi QSDK 1 x WAN 1x LAN 10/100/1000Mbps IP66 rated, adjustable power LED configuration (No PC setup required)

Finally, review your cart and check out.

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Please note all the products are supplied with comprehensive installation and product manuals.