Covid 19 Policy

Telecommunications Engineers, Field Engineers and Broadcasters are considered key workers
For the period of any lock-down we will remain open to ensure important services can continue to be provided. It is considered critical that people keep connected, informed and online for home working, home schooling and to receive news updates, as well as for entertainment at this difficult time.
We are and will obviously continue to monitor and follow all advice released by the Government Authorities to ensure the safety of our staff, customers and suppliers.

Operational Status
- The office and factory are open and operating normal business hours.
- Orders are still being processed and despatched as normal. Deliveries are only via carriers.
- Trade counter is open but only from 8:30am to 14:30pm. Operating hand sanitising stations and social distancing with masks must be worn. Note payment is via credit or debit card only.
- Phone calls and emails are being answered by staff working both on site and remotely.
- Whilst ALL departments are fully functional please allow additional processing time.

Blake UK Coronavirus policy

Blake UK Has implemented the following steps to mitigate risk from the Covid-19 Virus

1) Prevention

  • Auto hand sanitiser dispensers have been placed at all Staff and Visitor entry points along with signs requesting their use on entering the building.
  • Hand washing guidelines and signage placed in all toilets on site.
  • Staff training on hand washing carried out.
  • Social distancing measures have been put in place in the Trade Counter as well as all factory areas. Access to other areas of the premises will be strictly controlled.
  • Trade Counter is now cash free.
  • Public and all area surfaces (Trade Counter, Reception etc). will be cleaned and disinfected on a minimum of a daily basis. Disinfectant wipes are available for use by request.
  • Public keyboards and telephones (shop floor, warehouse etc.) will be cleaned and disinfected on a minimum of a daily basis. Disinfectant wipes are available for use by request.
  • Cleaning equipment will be provided for staff to clean their own personal equipment as and when required.
2) Transmission

  • The following precautions to mitigate risk of infection are being taken:
  • Where possible staff are working from home. Social distancing measures are in place for all staff on site.
  • Most Company operations away from site have ceased. Only essential personnel from other companies are allowed on site.
  • Anyone who has been in contact with a person who has tested positive for the virus will be asked to stay away from work until such time they have been tested and the results back. If negative they will be able to return to work ONLY if it is essential they do so.
  • Anyone who is suspected of developing symptoms with good reason will be immediately isolated at work. Current at the time health guidelines will then be followed.
3) Mitigation

  • In the event of infection within the company it is not current policy to close the business but any at risk areas will be temporarily closed until a proper deep clean and disinfection have taken place.
  • Blake UK is operating at minimum staffing levels to ensure customer demands are met.
  • Where possible dual sourcing options are being pursued to minimise the risk of production stoppages/stock shortfall.
  • In all cases where there is any doubt current at the time Government recommendations will be followed.
Blake UK has prepared and implemented a risk assessment for prevention and mitigation of Covid 19. This is available to view on request