CCTV Features and Technologies

The SPRO range of CCTV products include a wide variety of advanced technologies for superior security to provide you peace of mind in your home or business.

Active Deterrence

Active Deterrence is a security feature that combines various features such as flashing lights, alarm sounds, and pre-recorded voice messaging.

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AcuPick technology harnesses advanced AI to swiftly identify specific humans or vehicles within CCTV footage, significantly reducing search times and enhancing precision in crowded or complex scenarios. This efficiency is crucial in ensuring public safety and operational effectiveness in surveillance.

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The Perimeter Protection advanced security system with AI-powered tripwire and intrusion detection capabilities for both humans and vehicles.


ANPR technology automatically recognises and captures vehicle number plates, facilitating efficient traffic management and security monitoring.

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Audio-Over-Cable (AOC)

Audio-Over-Cable (AOC) technology transmits high-quality audio signals along with video over a single CAT5e or CAT6 cable, simplifying installation and enhancing system functionality.

Colour Night 2.0

Colour Night 2.0 enhances nighttime surveillance by intelligently switching between IR illumination for standard visibility and warm light for detailed colour imaging during critical events, reducing light pollution and ensuring precise recognition when needed.

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Flame Detection

Flame Detection Technology in surveillance systems marks a significant leap in fire safety and prevention. The SPRO Flame Detection Cameras, a pioneering integration of CCTV surveillance and advanced flame detection, offer a robust solution to the perennial challenge of fire hazards in both domestic and commercial settings.

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Panotrack technology combines panoramic views with a precision-targeting PTZ camera, offering comprehensive surveillance for extensive areas with enhanced detail capture and interactive monitoring capabilities.

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Perimeter Protection

Perimeter Protection technology in DVR/NVRs enables custom region setting to trigger alarms when motion is detected. It uses 'tripwires' to detect people or vehicles crossing designated lines and 'intrusion' detection to alert on intruders within specific areas, enhancing security and responsiveness.

Smart Motion Detection (SMD)Vector Smart Object-3.png">

SMD takes motion detection to a new level by accurately distinguishing between humans and vehicles, significantly reducing false alarms.

Speaker Built-In

Built-in speaker technology enables two-way audio communication through IP CCTV cameras, enhancing security with interactive capabilities.


Starlight cameras excel in low-light environments. They can produce colour images in low light conditions where other cameras might switch to black-and-white. Best suited for environments with some ambient light, such as urban streets or lit car park, where maintaining colour details is crucial. 

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Two-Way Audio

Two-way audio allows real-time, bidirectional communication through IP CCTV cameras, enhancing monitoring and security interaction with this live deterrent feature.