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CCTV Wizard - 2MP Camera Selection

Need help in what to choose for your CCTV installation.

CCTV Buying Wizard - Select the lens type and camera colour - Step 2 of 5.

A four step process to ensure you have the correct parts for your installation

  1. Choose your preference from the selection below
  2. Select the blue bundle icon to add your parts to your shopping basket.
  3. Review the basket and amend parts and quantities as you need.
  4. Choose the Next Step Green Icon. 

Lens Type Choices

A fixed lens camera is the quickest and simplest type to install, simply put it in the desired location and wire it in.

A varifocal lens gives you a little more flexibility on how the camera will view the area it is directed towards. These have two small screw holes, by turning with a screwdriver they allow the focus length and zoom of the camera - ideal for more open or distant spaces.

If you have previously selected an 8 channel DVR, be sure to hit the "Add 4 Cameras to Cart" button twice!

2MP FIXED Dome 2.8mm 20 Metre Infrared in GREY 

2MP FIXED Dome 2.8mm 20 Metre Infrared in WHITE

2MP VARIFOCAL Dome 2.8-12mm 30 Metre Infrared in GREY

2MP VARIFOCAL Dome 2.8-12mm 30 Metre Infrared in WHITE

Next Step - Choose my cable management.

Select deep base rings and IP boxes

At any point in the Buying Wizard please review the cart for the current list of items. Add, review, remove and edit as you choose.