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Cable Management Options

There are two main choices for cable management: plastic IP boxes or metal deep base rings.

Plastic IP Boxes can be mounted anywhere on the wall to house the important parts of the cables going to your cameras. These are effective but stand out and don't offer as much protection as the metal deep base rings.

Deep base rings give much more security as they are made of diacast metal and are mounted directly beneath the camera, making cables much more secure as well as offering bonus stand-off from the wall for your cameras.

If you have previously selected an 8 channel DVR and 8 cameras, be sure to hit the "Add Rings/Boxes to Cart" button twice! If you have selected 16 cameras, press the button 4 times!

Deep Base Ring for Cameras in Grey

Deep Base Ring for Cameras in White

Plastic IP55 Connection Box 85mm x 85mm x 50mm

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