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WATS-517 WATS-517

Whyte Series 5 Launch Amp 4 X SAT 17dB / -3dBTERR

£110.59 inc vat

Part Reference: WATS-517






Whyte Series 5 Launch Amp 4 X SAT 17dB / -3dBTERR

Whyte Series 5 Launch Amplifiers are compact and powerful and may be utilised as Launch Amplifiers or Line Amplifiers. They can be powered directly via the 18V Auxiliary Input or line powered via the HH and HL trunk lines.


  • SAT GAIN 17dB / TERR GAIN 13dB.
  • Comes with input earth bar.
  • Gain control on all inputs.
  • Slope control to all inputs.
  • Switchable 12V DC Supply to Terrestrial Input.
  • LTE Filter rejects 4G interference.
  • Colour coded inputs and outputs.
  • 18V Auxiliary Input injects power to the HL and HH trunk lines.


Frequency: SAT 950-2150MHz | TERR 87-790MHz
Inputs: 4 SAT + 1 TERR
Outputs: 4 SAT + 1 TERR
Gain: SAT >17dB | TERR >13dB
Gain Control: SAT 101dB | TERR 101dB
Slope Control: SAT 82dB | TERR 82dB
4G/5G Switchable Filter: YES
TERR 12V DC Masthead Supply (switchable): 100mA
Input/Output Return Loss: SAT >8dB | TERR >8dB
Max Output Level SAT: SAT (IMA -35dB) EN50083-3 105dBV
Max Output Level TERR: TERR (IMA -60dB) EN50083-5 108dBV
LNB Power Supply Max: 2A
SAT Trunk DC Pass: 2A Max
TERR Trunk DC Pass: NO
Powering: Via DC Input | Via SAT HL + HH Trunks
Power Consumption: 150mA Max
Power Indication: LED
Input Earth Bar: Fitted
Earth Lug: Up to 6mm Core
Dimensions Including Earth Bars (mm): 158 x 154 x 43
Weight: 470g

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