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Flexible 'I/O Link' RF Modulator for Sky Distribution; 2 Inputs I/O&RF; Unique 2 IR enabled Outputs & PROPSA125 Power Supply

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Part Reference: PROLINK22-PS





Flexible RF Output Replicator Modulator, restoring traditional Sky™ distribution via IO Link and PROPSA125 Power Supply

Distributing the analogue RF output of a Sky™ box from the main TV location to other rooms remains a popular solution for multi-room viewing. The new PROception RF Output Replicator Modulator, restoring traditional Sky™ distribution via IO Link">PROLINK22 modulator and remote control unit allows unrivaled flexibility for this application. This unit connects to the I/O port on the Sky™ receiver and replaces the RF distribution and remote control functions previously available from the RF OUT 1 and RF OUT 2 connectors.


  • Connect to a TV Distribution System for viewing and IR Magic Eye control at multiple locations.
  • RF loop-through for Freeview™,etc., replaces Sky™ AERIAL IN connector.
  • High-quality UHF modulator with infrared return remote control capability on BOTH of its twin F-type RF outputs.
  • Simple channel setting using Sky™ box menu.
  • Two remote rooms can be wired directly from the proLINK (expandable to three using a splitter and without a power supply)*
  • 3-colour power-status indicator.
  • Wall mountable with extended lead. (500mm).
Technical Information:


Sky™ IO port via 0.5m fly lead


UK System I, channels 21-60

RF Connections

1 in, 2 out, both outputs IR eye enabled

IR Eye Current Available

10mA max. per output (total 15 mA max.) s c protected

System Current with External PSU

75 mA max. at RF OUT 2

*This requires the use of PROception Amplifiers" style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);">PROSAT1EYE IR eyes and assumes that the local TV is connected by Scart or HDMI and does not require an RF antenna connection. Recommended splitter is Splitter; Loss 4.2dB Bi-Dir DC Pass To Both Legs" style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);">PROSPL204.

Amplifier Includes Power Supply Unit (PSU)


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