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30mm x 337mm x 115mm Plastic Anti-Bird Spike

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Blake UK

30mm x 337mm x 115mm Plastic Anti-Bird Spike


  • Blake's BIRD Prevention Spike Strip System is designed for protecting TV antennas, brackets, masts, ledges and much more besides!
  • The system is made from super-tough Durolon UV stabilised polycarbonate.
  • Sold in lengths of 33cm (13") or one third of a metre per strip.
  • Plastic, so won't affect the TV antenna performance.
  • A humane method of preventing birds from landing and are suitable against even the heaviest pigeon infestation.
  • Protect TV antennas and ledges that have a depth of 1 to 8" (25mm to 200mm).
  • Wont hurt the bird but will always deter it!
  • Simple and quick to install using either silicon fixative (such as SEALER-CL) or cable ties (such as AC-TIES-MW).
  • Used end-to-end, can protect small or large TV antennas which are horizontally polarised.
  • Deters birds from settling on bracketry, masts etc.
  • Used by most pest control companies and councils in the country.
  • Allow the antenna installer to offer every customer additional products and services and make a difference for them!

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