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280mm High Quality Flat Interconnect Cable - Great for temporary installs, new builds & saves the need for drilling holes

£9.42 inc vat

Part Reference: PROFLATF




280mm High Quality Flat Interconnect Cable

This high quality flat interconnect cable allows you to install cable without the need for drilling holes, leaving your window slightly open or other methods you use to get cable into the building. Simply wire your cable, connect to the PROFLATF placing in a window ledge (as shown) and carry the cable on.


  • Great for temporary installations, new builds and caravans.
  • Professional, Super-Flat, low-loss, high-quality interconnect cable.
  • Allows speedy and simple connection of external and internal cables between Window and Door frames for homes, on Caravans, Motor Homes, Boats etc.
  • High-quality sealed F type female inputs at each end - accepts all F type male connectors.
  • Professional solution that does not require any holes to be drilled or surfaces punctured.
  • Can be bent into right angles (as shown).
  • Suitable for all Digital and Analogue TV and Radio reception signals.

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