A range of Wi-Fi access points for distributing Wi-Fi around the house. With enhanced features and a simple set-up, PROception Wi-Fi access points can be used in both domestic and commercial properties - 'Plug & Play or get Technical!'



- Our Range & Instruction Manuals

           - In Wall Access Points

           - Ceiling Mounted Access Point

           - External CPE Access Point

           - PoE Power Supplies

- Technical Features

           - On the Interface:

                   - VAP - Virtual Access Points

                   - Setup Max No. Users

                   - Short GI Option

                   - Built in Wi-Fi Analyzer

                   - 4 Modes-Gateway, Repeater, WISP, AP

                   - Google DNS 

                    - Control Remotely via Cloud

                   - Timer

                   - Variable Bandwidth up to 80m

                   - NTP Server

                   - East Install

                   - Multi-Cast Fast

           - On the Access Points:

                   - Dual Band 2.4GHz & 5GHz

                   - Wave2 Technology

                   - Variable Power

                   - Dual MIMO

                   - Auto Reboot

                   - Beam Forming

                   - Load Balancing & Smart Roaming

- Functionality & Power Supply Compatibility Chart



Our Range


In Wall Access Points




Stream 1-300Mbps In Wall Wireless Access Point with RJ45 Port Single Band 2.4GHz

Stream 2-750Mbps In Wall Wireless Access Point with RJ45 Port Dual Band 2.4GHz & 5GHz

Stream 3-1200Mbps In Wall Wireless Access Point Dual Band 2.4GHz & 5GHz

Instruction Manual Instruction Manual Instruction Manual



Ceiling Mounted Access Point


The Flood-1200Mbps Ceiling Access Point Dual Band 2.4GHz & 5GHz
Instruction Manual



External CPE Access Point


The Bridge-900Mbps Outdoor Access Point Single Band 5GHz.

Instruction Manual



PoE Power Supplies




24V PoE Injector. For use with External CPE Access Point.  48V PoE Injector. For use with Ceiling and In Wall Access Points.  48V 5 Port PoE Switch. For use with Ceiling and In Wall Access Points. 



Technical Features


On the Interface


Virtual Access Point - Create a virtual access point by setting a temporary SSID and password. This is ideal when having guests, ‘Party Mode’, as you may not want to share your internet password with them but they may want to have access to it - with VAP you get the best of both worlds!


Set-up Max. No of Users - Choose how many end users on each access point.


Short GI Option - Short GI reduces the guard interval and therefore increases throughput.


Built in Wi-Fi Analyzer - This shows you your Wi-Fi channel allocation so you can select a free channel to prevent channel collision.


Gateway, Repeater, WISP, AP - You can choose from 4 different modes:

· Access Point Mode AP - Set up each access point individually, as a standard access point set-up.

· Gateway Mode - Using a gateway enables you to control all access points from one source.

· Repeater Mode - Mirrors all access points from the router.

· WISP Mode - Mirrors all access points from the CPE.


All our access points are set to the Google DNS to ensure the highest speed, the best reliability performance and security.


Control Remotely via Cloud - No need to control the access points from their location. You can control the access points from where ever you are through the cloud.This is great for previously installed access points which need altering, as you won’t have to travel to the customer.


Timer - Set an individual timer to turn on/off access points. You can do this for groups of users, for example if you would like your children between 5-10 to not have access to the internet after 8pm you can set this up and everyone else would still have access.


NTP Server - Google NTP (Network Time Protocol) server set as default for accurate and worry free time keeping.



Easy Install - Easy set-up for domestic install, directly from your mobile phone.


Multi-Cast Fast - Minimizes packet loss in a network when there is a link or node failure. It works by making enhancements to the multi-cast routing protocols.


On the Access Points


Dual Band 2.4GHz & 5GHz - Our 750Mbps and 1200Mbps access points are dual band, giving you high speed internet on 2.4GHz and 5GHz.


Wave2 Technologyadopts 256QAM modulation, supports MU-MIMO (Multi-User Multiple-Input Multiple-Output) and11ac dual band for data rates up to 1200Mbps.


Variable Power - Variable power can be used to reduce area usage on a single access point. Most useful when setting up multiple AP roaming.


Dual MIMO - Not only will the access point transmit and receive at the same time but will do this faster-Ultrafast!


Auto Reboot - Once a day, once a week you choose. Empties cache and ensures fast and fault free Wi-Fi.


Beam Forming - The access point will automatically change the direction of the signal waves dependent on where the most demand is.


Load Balancing & Smart RoamingIf there is more demand in a certain location the access point will indicate this to another in the system which will then take off some of the load. This is useful when having lots of guests in one location.


Functionality & Power Supply Compatibility Chart:


Mbps 300Mbps 750Mbps 1200Mbps 1200Mbps 900Mbps
Dual Band 2.4GHz only Yes Yes Yes No 5GHz only
RJ45 Port Yes Yes No No No
Wave2 No No Yes Yes No
Variable Power Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dual MIMO No No Yes Yes No
Auto Reboot Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Beam Forming No No Yes Yes No
Load Balancing & Smart Roaming Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
PROAPPOE11(24V) No No No No Yes
PROAPPOE11(48V) Yes Yes Yes Yes No
PROAPPOE14(48V) Yes Yes Yes Yes No