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CappSure - The Surveillance Revolution         

The CappSure product series brings a revolution in surveillance! Utilising a range of high-quality IP Wireless cameras CappSure provides stunning video clarity and optional ‘Talk-Back’ audio (model dependent) over internet via mobile phone / tablet PC from anywhere in the world where internet and 3G or 4G connection is available. This inexpensive, easy to set-up system provides peace of mind surveillance.


  • Powered by Mini USB. (Provided).
  • IP wireless / network surveillance - with ‘talk-back’ audio.
  • Mobile phone secure app control.
  • Unique ‘Sound-Wave’ camera-to-phone pairing method so the usual unsafe ‘QR’ method is overcome.
  • Unique PIR and Motion detection - 95% correct alarms.
  • H.264 720p HD performance.
  • Can support up to 15 user accounts on same system.
  • 4 camera variations available including outdoor.
  • Built-in IR LED’s for super-quality night time recording.
  • Supports Micro-SD card up to 64GB - 40 day video storage
  • compared to usual 4 days because it uses 10 times less code stream / bandwidth than normal IP cameras - super smooth video—even on 2G networks!
  • Wireless / Network switchable modes.
  • Suitable for use in “Offline Mode” using Micro-SD card.
  • Alarm mode reminder alerts user to check cameras by phone.
  • Unique Video-Lock so that system remains secure even if phone is lost
  • High-quality, innovative and cost-effective surveillance.
  • Android and IOS Apps - Free download.