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HDCP 2.2 to 1.4 Converter for 4K televisions

The PROHDCPCV11 allows use of ‘old’ HDMI products with new HDMI products e.g, 4K TV’s by converting the HDCP protocols. Owners of new 4K TV’s will find that older source equipment will not operate on their TV because of new and additional security adopted in the latest 2.2 HDCP content protocol. This new product resolves that problem with no loss of video...
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HDMI Power Surge Protector

The PROHDSP11 assists in protecting valuable video and audio equipment such as STB’s TV’s, games consoles, DVD’s etc using HDMI connections from damaging mains power surges and electrostatic discharge (ESD) such as lightning. A good piece-of-mind investment.
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HDMI IR Control Injector

The PROHDIRIJ11 allows the injection of an IR control method into a long HDMI cable (up to 20m) without having to change the existing HDMI cable.
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HDMI to SCART Converter

The PRODVC11 is designed to assist customers still operating TVs and equipment that does not have any HDMI input or to utilise free RCA/SCART connections that maybe available if all other HDMI connections are used. It converts a HDMI output from source devices (such as STB’s, COFDM modulator, games consoles, DVR, cameras) to either a SCART or RCA phono...
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4K, 1080p Up/De-Scaler-makes devices compatible

You can now make different devices at different resolutions compatible with just the click of a button! This high tech piece of equipment makes life easier to install new products with your older devices, saving money, time and the hassle of adapting to new devices with the backwards compatible feature.
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4x4+4 HDBaseT HDMI Matrix

Unlike most Matrix Switch/Splitters, this model also includes the capability of each output extending via Cat5e/Cat6 cables up to 40 meters (131 feet) away and / or HDMI (Max 10m on AWG26). This lets you deliver full 1080p/60 signals further than you could with HDMI cable alone and saves you money by using cheaper Cat5e/Cat6 cable for the longer distance.
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2-Way HDMI Bi-Directional Splitter/Switcher

Our new HDMI switch enables you to switch from two different HDMI devices on one TV with just the click of a button. Alternatively, you can also switch from one device onto 2 TVs with its unique bi-directional feature.  
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